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If you want to travel a lot, you don't necessarily have to be super wealthy. In fact, there are all kinds of ways that you can creatively stretch your travel budget. Want tips on finding budget accommodation? Want to know how to dine like the locals without going over budget? Want to enjoy activities such as scuba diving, guided walking tours, renting yachts and more? Well, surprisingly, with the right approach, you can save money on those activities as well. This blog is devoted to all those aspects of travel and tourism. Ready to have fun? Then, take a look at these posts.

3 Practical Money Saving Tips for Extended Hotel Stay


You should plan for an extended stay at a hotel if your home is currently not fit for use. This solution is ideal if you are renovating your house, and the solution can be beneficial if you are preparing to sell your current residential property. An extended hotel is advantageous over alternative options such as staying with friend or relatives because you will avoid unexpected inconveniences and general awkwardness. Unfortunately, the cost of staying in a hotel for an extended period can be high. If you are concerned about your budget for the accommodation, you should use the below tips to control your expenses.

Inquire about Daily Essentials

You should know the hotel policies on providing the essential items for long-term guests. In general, there are daily products and tools that you will need for a comfortable stay such as toiletries, kitchen supplies and laundry supplies. If these are not provided by the management or items supplied are not sufficient for your family, you will have to make purchases. This process can make a significant dent in your budget. You should inquire about the specifics on the subject so that you can plan. For example, if some items are not provided, you can save by packing your own supplies from home.

Plan to Cook Your Meals

Meals can be expensive in hotels, especially if you are planning on staying with family. If you are not careful, your money could be depleted prematurely. Therefore, it is advisable to find a hotel room or suite with a kitchen area for meal preparation. A room with a kitchen will cost a little extra than a standard alternative. However, you can save a lot by purchasing ingredients and cooking in the space during your extended stay. Moreover, if you choose this option, you will give your loved ones an opportunity to eat healthier meals than hotel food.

Consider Your Pet Boarding Options

Finally, you should think about the well-being of your pets and the potential cost of living in a hotel room. There are multiple solutions to consider, and the right choice will depend on your specific circumstances. Where possible, you should place your pet in an appropriate boarding facility or with family or friends. However, if these options are unacceptable to you, you should look for a pet-friendly hotel for accommodation. When you find an appropriate establishment, you should inquire about the charges. Some hotels will charge a one-time fee while others impose a daily charge. Calculate your total costs before booking your room.

Contact a long-term accommodation service for more information and assistance. 


5 March 2018